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About Bushwacker


as the leading manufacturer of fender flares and truck accessories on over 40 years of design and innovation. From the development of our first fender flares for the Ford Bronco, to our latest releases- our passion for style and our determination to offer “Simply The Best” products and unmatched service continues.

Our commitment to style and innovation is a part of every product we make. All designs are meticulously scrutinized in every detail, using the latest standards in design and manufacturing. All Bushwacker products are designed for accuracy and proper fit, backed by a limited lifetime warranty and top tier customer service.


is at the core of our business, supporting our community in a long-term “pay-it-forward” ethos. We support several local and national causes that benefit children in need of safe shelter, education and support. Our most important resource is in future generations, though our children.


is a relatively new idea, but one we’ve been using at Bushwacker for years embodied in our “Green Team” company initiative. Our customers can be rest assured that all Bushwacker products are manufactured not only with the best technology and highest quality, but produced with respect to environmental conditions.

As a Lean Manufacturer, Bushwacker practices a systematic elimination of waste in all areas. From regrinding excess plastic to recycling scrap metal, wood, solvents and cardboard; we are committed to delivering the best product with minimal waste and effect to the environment.

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