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Enforcer Suspension
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About Enforcer Suspension

The Enforcer Suspension product range is designed to improve the handling, comfort and safety of the vehicle. Heavy duty springs for extra load carrying are an option.

Enforcer products include:

  • Leaf Springs
  • Coil Springs
  • Gas Shock Absorbers
  • Shackle Pins & Plates
  • Shackle Bushes
  • U Bolts
  • Centre Bolts
  • Chassis Plates

Enforcer have Australia's largest range of suspension components for 4WDs, Utes, Vans & Trucks


Shock absorbers are designed to work with the spring system of a vehicle as one inseparable unit. It is actually the spring system which absorbs bump shock forces during suspension movement. The springs move not only upwards, during shock force, but downwards and it can take some time for a spring in motion to return to its neutral position.

Shock absorbers are meant to slow and control spring oscillation travel and allow the wheels to maintain good road contact, which improves balance of steering, road stability and cornering reliability. Hence, suspension plays a vital role in the handling, comfort and safety of a vehicle.

Products from Enforcer Suspension

4WD Shock Absorbers
  • LOW PRESSURE NITROGEN GAS CHARGED to provide immediate response and to maximise fade resistance.
  • 16MM. PRECISION GROUND CHROMED HARDENED PISTON ROD, resists nicks and scratches for a longer rod and seal life.
  • EXTENDED TRAVEL, allowing more wheel travel and improved chassis ground clearance in harsh terrain.
  • LARGE 35MM. INNER BULGE CYLINDER, allowing for extra oil capacity for improved heat displacement to help the shock run cool and respond better over a wide range of surfaces.
  • REINFORCED ARC WELDING of both pin and eye mounts.
  • DOUBLE ACTION MULTI-STAGED VALVING, responds immediately to any varying degree of dampening or rebounding action during the spring oscillation.
  • TWIN TUBE DESIGN, to give greater protection to working parts.
  • OUTER STEEL DUST AND STONE COVERS, for extra protection against outside elements.
  • QUALITY ASSURED PRODUCT. All shock absorbers are supplied to a QA Approval ISO 9001 International Standard.
  • WARRANTY. All Enforcer shock absorbers carry a 2 year/40,000 km. warranty.
Leaf Springs
  • ALL SPRING LEAVES ARE SHOT PEENED. This is a method of firing metal ball shot pellets at high velocity on the tension side of the leaf. This assists in reducing the surface decarburization of the material and produces large increases in fatigue life durability.
  • ALL SPRINGS ARE SCRAGGED (PRE-STRESSED). This is a method of assembled springs being fully compressed to a negative camber to reduce initial tension stress. This operation is also beneficial to fatigue life and its primary effect is to eliminate "settling" (load loss) in service.
  • ALL LEAVES HAVE PROTECTIVE GRAPHITE COATING. The primary purpose is to prevent friction and corrosion both in storage and in operational environments.
  • ALL SPRINGS HAVE BOLT TYPE ALIGNMENT CLIPS. Alignment clips are used to limit sideway spread and vertical separation of the individual leaves in the spring. Normal fold-over clips will open through normal use and allow side movement of leaves, while clips with bolts permanently restrict movement.
  • ALL LEAVES HAVE DIAMOND POINT (SPEARED) ENDS. While square ends are the cheapest to produce, they are often unsatisfactory. Square ends cause concentration of interleaf pressure, resulting in more friction and galling than tapered ends. The diamond point end distributes the pressure between leaves more effectively, while uniforming stress by omitting excess material, thus reducing inter-leaf friction.
  • HEAVY DUTY HI-LIFT DESIGN. All springs are heavy duty replacement springs manufactured with thicker material and with an extra leaf. These springs are designed to raise vehicle height 40-50mm. above standard original height.
  • WARRANTY. All Enforcer 4WD Springs carry a 12 month unlimited kilometre warranty.

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